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Longchamp Outlet Walltes

The leather is great quality,Longchamp Outlet Uk and very soft but durable feeling. The inside fabric is fun but not crazy print, plus seems to be a good quality that will last a while. And the combination of zippered and open pockets in various sizes (inside the bag and the exterior ones) are fabulous. There's even one that works great for my pen and pencil, which fits upright in this bag. I've ditched my heavy wallet and am using the larger side zip section for cash and credit cards (in my own small holder -- suggestion for Hobo would be to add in some built in credit card slots). I'm also using my own small zippered bag in the main section to hold all of the odds/ends stuff that I like to carry but don't use as much. That seems to keep just enough weight at the bottom of the Cheap Longchamp Uk so that it sits upright without falling over when set on a flat surface, which I really like!

This Longchamp Bags Outlet is a nice pebbled leather in a beautiful color of blue (closer to navy-not as cobalt). I've been carrying it now for over a month and am very pleased with the overall construction. The fabric lining is strong and the zippers operate smoothly...no skips or jams. Big center pocket sewn into the lining so bag contents don't move from one compartment to the other. Handles are sturdy,Longchamp Outlet Walltes but for me not quite long enough to carry over the shoulder. I don't use the strap, so no comments about that. Hardware is not silver which wasn't super important to me. It has a brassy cast...think too silver to be gold & too gold to be silver. I like it enough to get one in another color!

I am very happy with this purse! The color is beautiful,Longchamp Purses inside has just the right amount of dividers and pockets! Great quality at an incredible price!

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